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Hosts Cody Dearing & Matt Stoner are joined by a special guest each episode to help breakdown the hilarious, upsetting, & unusual truth about a beloved movie.
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Aug 31, 2016

If being hired to be the bouncer for a bar means moving to a new town and saving it from the tiny murderous rich man exploiting its people, Patrick Swayze wants the job.

Josephh Stahlman lays the smack down on Road House (1989), an 80's action movie that feels like it could have been written by a teenage boy's bedroom. 

Aug 24, 2016

A streetwise pup, a sassy cat, and another old dog (who is clearly on the verge of death) lack any amount of patience to just wait for their owners to return to pick them up from their temporary ranch home. So, naturally they escape into the California wilderness and survive an impossible journey back home to a family that may have been trying to get rid of them all along.

Lane and Chloe Ingram help us dig into Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey even though Lane has a history of not enjoying children's movies. 

Aug 17, 2016

Metallica manages to record and sell 2 million copies of their 2003 album, St. Anger, despite being enormous man children. 

Matt Needles navigates the bullshit with us, and helps sniff out Some Kind of Monster's stinky truths. 

Aug 10, 2016

A sociopathic pet detective, Ace Ventura, is hired to locate a literal Miami Dolphin. It's up to Ace to score a touchdown and "go all the way" with his fellow police officers or the Dolphin's Mascot and quarterback will never be found.

Carlos Larotta helps Matthew and Cody take a magnifying glass to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective's obvious transphobic characters. 

Aug 3, 2016

Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) ditches the rock star life to fully embrace his destiny of a wedding singer. Luckily, Robbie serendipitously meets Julia (Drew Barrymore) and they both tell a wedding guest to drink-and-drive. 

Carla Shiflet (KOOP) joins to educate us on the impact of the soundtrack, and to discuss how often Adam Sandler switches between himself and Robbie.