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Hosts Cody Dearing & Matt Stoner are joined by a special guest each episode to help breakdown the hilarious, upsetting, & unusual truth about a beloved movie.
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Mar 15, 2017

When two brothers murder in self-defense they are unexpectedly turned on to a life of vigilante crime fighting and action movie cliches in a post Pulp-Fiction world.

Sam Eidson (68 Kill, A Bad Idea Gone Wrong) joins us to talk about Boondock Saints, and the film's ill-tempered and ill-fated director Troy Duffy.

Mar 8, 2017

Two stoners get stuck in a year long science experiment, and use the opportunity to prove that they're terrible people.

Chaz Formichella (bit show) batons down the hatches with us as we talk about yet another Pauly Shore movie, Bio-Dome (1996). 

Mar 1, 2017

A teenage boy in the 80's (who acts like a real butthole) proves that either God is real, aliens are watching us from the future with advanced technology and possibly manipulating the past, or that a 25 year old screenwriter will do whatever it takes to conceive the bullshit necessary to stabilize his house of cards.

Will Dwyer (@FirstWillEver) follows his chosen path to the podcast, and helps reveal the meaning behind the numerous obtuse elements in Donnie Darko.

Feb 22, 2017

When you're the new kid in high school and you set your sights on claiming the prettiest and most popular female classmate as your rightful prize you might end up having to put up with some of her dad's crazy rules about not dating until her shrew of a sister does...but if you're horny enough, and have a total lack of ethics then there's no heart you can't scheme your way into. 

Dylan Garsee (Gayme Show) helps us comprehend the many questions posed by 10 Things I Hate About You. From Larry Miller's obsession with his daughter's pregnancies to how high on the asshole scale Joseph Gordon-Levitt has risen to by the end of the film.  

Feb 15, 2017

An unlikeable doggo (Burt Reynolds) gets his chance at redemption after being killed by a car rube goldberg machine in, All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989). 

G-Su Paek (Just A Bill Podcast) joins the show to talk about the dark history of All Dogs Go To Heaven and why the movie looks and feels like a Disney movie, but it isn't a Disney movie.

Feb 8, 2017

A college aged group of stereotypes who are hated for being the other learn to hate others for hating them in Revenge of the Nerds (1984). 

Anthony Lacagnina (Brain Matters, Delicate Boys) joins the show to talk about Revenge of the Nerds, an 80's movie directed by someone who is quoted as saying he wanted to make something he would be embarrassed to put his name on. 

Feb 1, 2017

A judgmental 15 year old meddles, gives make-overs, and match makes at her Beverly Hills High School until she learns her lesson and kinda stops. Then to muck up a mostly normal plot she falls in love with her step-brother played by the dreamy Paul Rudd.

Chelsea Bunn (Missed Connections ATX, Loverboy) joins us to discuss Clueless, and whether or not Alicia Silverstone is both the antagonist and protagonist of the film.

Jan 25, 2017

For absolutely no good reason at all Gordon Bombay is handed the job of coaching Team USA's hockey team for the first and only (possibly because of their massive incompetency and corruption) Junior Goodwill Games, and instead of helping his mix of Ducks from the first movie and new stereotypes from this movie get better at hockey Gordon mostly abandons the team to make time for self-reflection and trying to hook up with any woman who wanders through his life.

Daniel Hayden is back via skype to talk about whether or not Team USA is really the villain in D2: The Mighty Ducks. 

Jan 18, 2017

A total nerd loser of a young boy's wish on a Zoltar machine comes true and turns him into Tom Hanks in his 30's. 

Frank Netscher (Fuck This Week) fires up the cast for a new year new you kind of episode on Big (1988) in which we pose questions ranging from difficult to wildly immature. 

Jan 11, 2017

A 90 minute Nintendo ad starring Fred Savage and Jenny Lewis. 

Bryan Lubu Roberts (Victrola!) helps decode The Wizard (1989) from its confusing first moments to its heart-breaking finale. 

Jan 4, 2017

A bunch of mostly white kids in the 60's hit a baseball autographed by cigar loving Babe Ruth into a backyard guarded by an inconsistently large dog, and spend their entire summer building shit to get it back instead of just asking James Earl Jones if he'll go grab it for them.

Xaria Coleman (Damn Gina) is the new kid on the block for our episode on The Sandlot (1993) in which we all agree that having Dennis Leary as your step-father is a tough break. 

Dec 28, 2016

In Problem Child 2 we pick back up with Ben Healy (John Ritter) and his adopted son Junior (Michael Oliver) who is still openly acting out in murderous ways in response to years of neglect and abuse, but this time he has a female foil, Trixie (Ivyann Schwan), who may just be more of a psych-serial-murderer than Junior...oh, and there's a wacky love triangle plot sprinkled in for good measure because one would be a fool to let the sex appeal of John Ritter go to waste. 

We took in Dalton Allen (Victrola!) for this episode on Problem Child 2's easily digestible kid's color palette, and hard to swallow neon 90's insanity. 

Dec 21, 2016

After accidentally killing the current Santa Clause, Tim Allen finds out he is contractually obligated by the santa clause to become the new Santa, and in an attempt to prove he isn't the stereotypical bad dad from every other Christmas movie Tim Allen spends a year wrecking his own life until he eventually abandons it to take his position as the new Santa Clause (in perpetuity until such time that the wearer becomes unable to do so, by either accident or design).

Kyle Sweeney (Movie Riot) offers his own dadly insights into Tim Allen's first feature film role in The Santa Clause (1994).

Dec 14, 2016

The charming holiday tale of a young boy who is so obsessed with getting a gun for Christmas that he entirely overlooks his abusive home life and learns nothing in the process is, of course, the perfect movie to play on repeat for 24 hours every Christmas.

Chris Mckeever (Fuck This Week) unwraps the dark gifts packed within A Christmas Story (1983). 
Dec 7, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad battle it out for the title of worst dad as they risk life and limb to get their children the season's most popular Christmas toy in hopes that doing so will make up for another year of neglect. 

Lindsey Moringy unwraps 1996's Jingle All The Way right down to its down-right rotten, Phil Hartman cameo-ing, turbo-man fuggin core. 

Nov 30, 2016

3 sentient singing adolescent male animals and their undercharacterized and oversexualized female counterparts are tricked into traveling the world to trade diamonds for cash with a variety of stereotypes. And there's music! 

Wyatt Tall joins the show to help us crack the nut that is the very high concept animated children's movie, The Chipmunk Adventure (1986). 

Nov 23, 2016

After just a couple of weeks of self-discovery during her freshman year at college a young woman returns to her small farm town life, family, boyfriend, and habit of avoidances. All so Pauly Shore can be a fish out of water in a cornfield.

Brent Burpee (VR Gamers Podcast) joins us for this episode on Pauly Shore, and Carla Gugino's Son in Law (1993).

Brent is not only a great local improviser, and the winner of our Peen Dreams password giveaway, but it turns out he's an insider from this film who happened to attend Crawl's alma mater.

Nov 16, 2016

An $11 million dollar robot gains sentience and escapes from a military lab, and the two guys tasked with bringing it back are more interested in getting laid than returning the sentient nuclear death machine they've unleashed on a small Oregon town.

Derek Steffan & Joe Wolfe join the show to talk about Short Circuit (1986) which stars Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, and Fisher Stevens as a white guy playing an Indian American computer nerd. 

Nov 9, 2016

Pauly Shore and Sean Astin find a caveman (Brendan Fraser) buried in their backyard, and when the caveman comes to life they selfishly decide not to turn the discovery over to scientists but instead to teach the caveman helpful phrases like "wheezing the juice" and "ah-ooooooooooh-ah-ha-buuuuuuuddy".

Alejandro Garcia (Empty Promises) is our guest in our episode on Pauly Shore and Sean Astin's classic film Encino Man (1992) wherein Astin is an asshole who learns next to nothing but gets the girl anyways. 

Nov 2, 2016

Chris Farley nearly ruins his brother's run for governor of Washington in Black Sheep, a movie that reunites Farley with David Spade in hopes that your love of Tommy Boy will help carry you through this film. 

Nathan Sowell joins the show to talk Farley & Spade's final film together, Black Sheep (1996)

Oct 26, 2016

When Robin Tunney wearing a wig moves to a new Catholic high school she quickly becomes friends with the school's three witches, and together they practice witchcraft for petty personal gain until jealousy between them tears the group apart. 

Ryan Sheffield (Craft Fair Games) takes a patient look at The Craft (1996) with us to dig into it's demons, determine whether not this film deserved the R rating it got during yet another era of American satanic panic, and whether or not  this was Courteney Cox making a cameo. 

Courteney Cox Cameo?

Oct 19, 2016

Wes Craven sets his creepy gaze on an all American high school in this horror/comedy where a bunch of grown ass adults pretend to be high school teenagers in town where a killer is on the loose, a reporter is on the beat, and the sheriff's deputy is Deweying his thing.

Nate Mckenzie ( joins the show via Skype to lift the mask on Scream, a horror movie that's kills off Drew Barrymore in the first few minutes just to let you know that it doesn't give a fuck about tradition. 

Oct 12, 2016

Newlyweds Geena Davis & Alec Baldwin die in a mild car accident and return as ghosts who attempt to scare away the new owners of their home with fun musical numbers and the help of Michael Keaton acting straight up gross.

Katie Stone (Naughty Bits Podcast) joins the show to discuss the difficulties of the afterlife presented in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice (1988). 

Oct 5, 2016

This made for TV miniseries based on a novella by Stephen King follows the story of a group of strangers who get lost in time after falling asleep on an airplane. If they want to get back alive they'll have to survive a murderous Bronson Pinchot,  chainsaw toothed meatballs that eat yesterday, and a colorful clamshell in the sky.

Caitlin Baumgartner joins us to rightfully ask what the fuck is up with Stephen King's, The Langoliers just days before she marries host of this show Cody Dearing. 

Sep 28, 2016

A man who may or may not be able to communicate with animals bumbles through saving a handful of his friends, and hooks up with his cousin. 

Conor Sullivan (stool pigeon) sees through the eyes of 1982's The Beastmaster to reveal a movie that is reckless, dangerous, incompetent, and at times...a total bummer. 

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